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Scaffold builders and insulators needed everywhere!

Hit up the contact address for this page if you are a scaffold builder or an insulator and we will see what we’ve got for you.

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Stuff we have to have anyway...

Greetings from Canada! I'm here in Montreal at The Scaffold Access Industry Association (SAIA) Convention and this is amazing. If your not a member, or don't work for a member, might want to look into it:) Any way the reason Im posting is there a couple of vendors here slinging their wares that we could all use that I found quite impressive. Both are products for 2 of my least favorite things, Fall Protection and tool securement (lanyards) because really how much stuff can we hang off the…


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Common Sense Economics - Part ? (whatever number I'm on:) $2 Spray Paint and Lame Ass Excuses

Greetings fellow Scaffs and other scaffold support type people. I realize I've been away for a bit, but hey I've been working. Today's rant is on one of my ultimate pet peeves. Color coding. Since no one seems to get the flippin point and just rolls their eyes or comes up with some shitty excuse why they can't go out in the yard with a tape measure and a technical manual and go huff some spray paint for a bit, I will try and explain this in terms…


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This was started by the creator of the Scaffold Dawgs site and the orginator of the scaffold rodeo at the SAIA convention in Austin this past July. This is a petition to have scaffold recognized as an actual trade.

Take a minute and sign it. This is for all of us.…


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Scaffold & Access Industry Association issues Hanging Scaffold Guidelines


Contact: Laurie Weber, Executive Director

Scaffold & Access Industry Association 816.595.4860

SAIA Develops Hanging Scaffold Guidelines

Kansas City, Mo. - The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) and the SAIA Industrial Council are pleased to announce the development of Hanging Scaffold Guidelines.



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New beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF???????????????

In my travels I have found a few other gems to add to this.

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is the infamous inverted leg, #9 wire spigot clamp. Used for centuries before they invented the actual spigot clamp. I didn't get a picture of it yet but the clamp on…


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My WTF entry for any person who is currently building scaffold - see pictures-UPDATED!


I took this pic from the ground "post repair". I'm not sure but it looks to me like it is leaning "slightly to the side like" What do you think?

Ok so I am strolling through the facility the other day and I come across this gem. Check out the use of…


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Coming soon.....

I have another rant coming soon. It's not finished yet it's only half baked so I gotta slap it back in the oven for a few. Check back regularly to see what comes of it:

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New Product -Backwards Bolt Fittings

Saw this on If you are not a member you should be. 

SSBProducts-Flyer-2013.pdf click this link to see ordering information and manufacturer information. Below are some pictures that were sent to me. …


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For all of you who ship and receive material, you should read this. Especially if you are in charge of re-renting material for an existing project where you have to match equipment types. If you do not work for a company that exclusively uses one material type from a  single manufacturer IE  Harsco or Safway. You need to know what you have and where to get more of it. You especially need to know if you are using Imperial material, IE. SAE sizes, 2' 3' 4' etc. or…


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Work, Work, Work

Brock Services is looking for scaffold builders in Deer Park, Texas

Kiewit is looking for scaffs in Texas as well.

KBR is looking for builders across the nation as well.

Shaw Group…


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Common Sense Economics - Part 3 - Elephants and Sling Shots

Greeting Scaffs from around the globe. Today's rant , as promised, is on Elephant hunting and sling shots. Which will be translated in a few moments. Lets get the quote of the day out of the way. "I have supplied the best men with the best equipment we have and given them what seems to be the wisest mission. That is all I can do" Admiral Earnest J. King prior to the D-day invasion. The reason I have selected this quotation is simple. I think this should be a…


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MERRY CHRISTMAS from the ScaffoldBuilders world!

Check this bad boy out. Built entirely of the Peri system. Isn't it awesome!

Stay Up, Stay Safe, Stay Connected



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Common Sense Economics - Part 3 - Elephants and Sling Shots

Greetings scaffs. I have my latest blog topic " Elephants and Sling Shots" about half baked right now so i need to stick it back in the over for now. Stay tuned for the update. Cheers and Merry Christmas from


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Common Sense Economics - Part 2 - Anal Glaucoma and Spray Paint

Greetings brethren, Today's lesson is on anal glaucoma and spray paint. Yes the two are related in this lesson on economics in our industry. (If you don't know what anal glaucoma is ask someone on your site, they will help you out. )So now that I have your attention, I can explain my theory on how the two are related and could be costing all of us time, effort and money.  My theory is this, IF every corporation, company, yard, location (or whatever we call ourselves…


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PROVE IT! - A lesson in documentation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an age where information is so readily available I am shocked, and even sometimes appalled, at how many of us don't actually know what the pieces we are working with are rated for by the manufacturers  I believe I have posted another rant about this, but I have come across the problem again and still got the same answer. It's pretty simple. If you are going to tell someone a 5' bar is rated for a 5000#…


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Jobs - No, not Steve Jobs, employment opportunities

I put these jobs here instead of the jobs section as I don't really have a lot of details. 

Brock is looking for Scaffold Builders, Insulators and painters in Victoria, TX

Sunbelt is looking for an Operations Manager in North Charleston, SC

Sunbelt is also looking for an Outside Sales Rep in Atlanta, GA. 

Please check their websites for more information and contact information.



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Please forgive my silence as I have been out and about on the pretty scaffold circuit (event staging) and have not had enough time to process a proper subject for individuals as classy as yourselves. Since I can't come up with a proper rant this will just have to do. Today's topic is following directions. If you can't follow directions please become an artist or other free thinker that does not have to deal with directions in your day to day life. If you can find work doing that and be…


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Scaffold Myth Busters in Forum Section

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Come one come all to our own little version of "Myth Busters". You ask the questions and I'll see if I can get those highly educated people to answer them. I have approached the fine people at DH Glabe and Associates about putting to rest some of those things we have all been told on the job site by that grumpy individual we have, or maybe still do, call "Boss". We are still working out the detail but if you click over to the forum…


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Revenue vs Non-Revenue Generating - A Lesson in Common Sense Economics

Greetings from the sweltering Mid West. During the heat of this obnoxious summer I realize I have promised you a rant on this topic and have not sat down to flesh out the details. 

Revenue Generating: anyone responsible for committing acts of service that bring revenue into the company. Overly simplified it would be the people who actually do the work that out clients…


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