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New beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF???????????????

In my travels I have found a few other gems to add to this.

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is the infamous inverted leg, #9 wire spigot clamp. Used for centuries before they invented the actual spigot clamp. I didn't get a picture of it yet but the clamp on the knee out hand rail on the far left side isn't even closed, much less tight. 

This one will get opinions on . Can you set 1 jack on a boiler base beam and the other on an adjustable support like this? I was always told that everything you do in the base of a boiler has to be symmetrical. "If you do it on the right, you do it on the left" and always to the top of the v-bottom. This just looks wonky to me. I actually don't know if it was designed this way and stamped by one of those kids with a college degree or not but this just looks hoaky "no offense Steve" to me.  What do you think?

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