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Greetings from Canada! I'm here in Montreal at The Scaffold Access Industry Association (SAIA) Convention and this is amazing. If your not a member, or don't work for a member, might want to look into it:) Any way the reason Im posting is there a couple of vendors here slinging their wares that we could all use that I found quite impressive. Both are products for 2 of my least favorite things, Fall Protection and tool securement (lanyards) because really how much stuff can we hang off the old harness before it becomes a tremendous snagging hazard?  I stopped by and visited a gentlemen from Fall Tech, because Ive used their products for several years and I really appreciate a good basic harness, and Robert Luckey showed me some great, economically priced harnesses that exceed the ExoFit that everybody loved for a long time. They're a full pound lighter and have breathable padding and it was just a super nice harness. Check the out  what they've got here at ;

Now for any of you that know me and my take on tool lanyards and securement, because lets be honest there is nothing worse than untangling your hammer from your pliers so you can pull a nail. I spoke to Zack Bookbinder at Alphasource. Told them how much I hated anything to do with tool lanyards and they both proceeded to change my mind about how it could be. They have retractable cable lanyards, magnetic pouches and a great securing system for actually attaching the device to the tool. (No zip ties or wire involved) Check them out at

I do not endorse these products, I just liked what they had to offer and I will be buying some for myself.  Check them out and make your own decisions.

Stay Up, Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Cheers


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