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Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Come one come all to our own little version of "Myth Busters". You ask the questions and I'll see if I can get those highly educated people to answer them. I have approached the fine people at DH Glabe and Associates about putting to rest some of those things we have all been told on the job site by that grumpy individual we have, or maybe still do, call "Boss". We are still working out the detail but if you click over to the forum section you will see I have started a page to do just that. Also please check out Dave's website at He has some great article on topics that we can understand and he spins them so they make sense to everybody. Check back soon to see how this will work as I will post again once we get the details worked out on how this will work. 





P.s I don't know if "Myth Busters" is a registered trademark  of the Discovery Channel or not but you can watch the show there. If you've never heard of it maybe you should leave the cave once in awhile. 

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