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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the new mellenium. As I have posted a job and asked for resumes I have noticed a scary trend. While most of you are computer literate enough to find us and join up, most of you don't have a resume. While I can certainly understand that most people in our industry don't usually ask for resumes when they are manning up a job. We can also use this to possibly get ourselves ahead of the pack and when whoever is hiring you asks " What have you done?" You can now say "Can I send you my resume?" Think about it and take 20 minutes and fill this one out, or 1 of the 5 million other there are out there on the web and in Microsoft Office Templates. If you have a Yahoo account you can store it in your account and you can access it anytime. Think about it, check it out. Fill it out and game on.




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