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Holy schnikes, when did it get so cold in May? This feels more like March than May. Hope it is warmer where you are.
I have been really busy out in the field hang out with my own crews and enjoying it throughly. I always enjoy times when the world doesn't exist on the math of our industry. I still struggle with turning a scaffold into a mathematical equation.
I will post more alter but please take a minute and welcome the new members. We have one from Scotland and another from America. We have become quite the international conglomeration. I still love the way the European way of tube and clamp over the American way. They have a much faster approach to it and they have maintained it where as we American have let it go.

Please post up some pictures of " What not to do" I know we all have them and I would hate to win my own contest. That would be really lame. Check it out , post those bad pictures and more to scome later.

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