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Curious thoughts from a different perspective....

Without sound like a total pompous arrogant jerk there is a certain sense of nobility in what we do. Ours is never the finished product, or the desired end result but there are quite a few major things that would not be the same without dedicated individuals who are willing to do the tough stuff that unless someone took a picture of it most people probably won't remember. Oil refineries and ethanol plants would be different, power would have to be generated by steam from small long boilers or there would be so much grating that the thing couldn't stand under it's own weight. It is an interesting rabbit hole to go down if you care, to think about a world without scaffold and ScaffoldBuilders. Just random thoughts that made me think I should remember to say thank you to all the ScaffoldBuilders I know for just being tough enough and even though some people may think our jobs suck. I still think it is one of the coolest jobs on the planet, and you are some of the coolest people for doing it day after day. Cheers, i lift my glass to all of you.


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Comment by John Cavelli on March 5, 2010 at 10:35pm
Here Here my friend, you got that right! whether building a sidewalk shed, scaffold our a personal hoist. it's a great job that most can't or won't do!!! lifting steel walking planks, jumping decks ... you gotta love it.. we are the catalyst for every job of beauty.. without us everything would be 26ft tall



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