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Who came up with the name "pans" for steel plank> What are we, cooks?

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we ether call them "chicken legs" or "donky dicks" one guy called it "a ice cream" holding it upside down

Nice. Why do they usually resort to food and cookware?

AL pertains to Adjustable Leg; 1 pertains to the first one and S pertains to special (as with having a base plate attached).


An AL1 pertains to a plain adjustable leg that will accept either a swivel or fixed base plate or a caster.

John Cavelli said:

beats me pal who came up with Al1s



I have the feeling that we have been here befor.  A "buck" can stand for a "horse" and if you take it back in time , originally, we put up two saw horses and covered them with plank, and then put two saw horses on top of that, etc, etc.  and there you have buck up or bucks.



Multiple Uses for the "Motherfucker" Part

Pinlock=28' Double Truss

Cuplock=Boiler Foundry Ladder

Safway=7' Steel Stair Sections

You may not like "bucks" but where do you think "buck-hoist" came from?

One of my alltime favorites is dealing with stage hands who call rigid clamps "cheeseburgers"

dog leg bracing, meaning alternate bracing.  a tranny, meaning a transom and not some bloke dressed in his wifes frock. lol!  a long one, meaning a 21ft tube.  a blob or bubble, meaning a spirit level.  the list can go on forever, brit scaffs have a slang for all and anything. if any of you lads get a bit of time check out a brit scaff site called    theres was asimillar thread on their.  

5ft putlog flat ended tubes are very common throughout britain.  the company i work for has hundreds of them. theyr used as transoms and the flat end is designed to fit in betwwen the brickwork of a building. 

toss me up some knuckles

Has anyone sent someone searching for the ledger stretcher ?

Only on their first day when they ask too many questions:)

I call a double gear wrench a dog bone. Heard of chicken heads from Waco guys just this year. Never occurred to me.   

Richard Robertson said:

How about "chicken heads" for All-around to Tube adapters or "Dog bone" for a .65 ledger?

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