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I thought I might start an argument about which type of modular scaffold is the best system on the market. While I like certain part about all of them, I do have a favorite. I have my reasons but I thought some of you might like to sound off about your favorite and why. If you cant post an intelligent reason as to why you have your favorite, keep your comments to your self. and away we go......

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While I still believe that QES is the best I will concede that the Safway type plank are better in that they go around a post. And there is a comment somewhere in here that the plank flip "if the dog ear is busted off" that is incorrect. QES plank have the 2 hooks and the prong. The dog eared plank come from another system. Another advantage to Safway is the hd's if you can get them. Keeps your bay square. 

I will also agree that At-Pac makes a good product but they do carry dog eared plank as a standard. 

I agree, the only thing I don't like about At-Pac is the dog eared plank as standard, but they have made steady inprovements to the plank over the years and know they are changing a few things right now too.

Kwikform is used in Australia a lot but introducing all-around to the guys here. They really like it once they get used to it.


Rick, It has been almost forty years, so my memory on details is somewhat lacking.  Quick Form and Quikstage may be one and the same.  Superscaf was a second generation Quick Form with two levels of "V" pressings, one below the other and it gave the capabilities of having eight attachment points in the immediate area.  Cannot remember the advantages of that, but I think one was turning a corner with the boards.  QES type and Safway came along and it never really got off the ground.  I just realized that I never replied to this.

Rick Ellis said:

Quikstage has the 4 "V" pressings on the leg..can only attach "spacers" at 90 degree angles..not sure I recognize quickForm or Superscaf.


I have probably said it before, but I think one of the best advantages of Safway Systems is the head clearance.  That comes from using Imperial measurements rather than Metric.  An average height man wearing a hardhat can appreciate that.

safway by far has the greatest selection of material to work with, and is the easiest to build in my opinion. cup lock is the strongest, but way to heavy, exspecialy when chaining matterial 100' up. sure lock & QES just suck in my opinion, exspecialy when it starts getting old. Excell Is probably the heaviest, but having cups so close togather makes for less measuring lol always nice... Safway all the way in my opinion.. It all gets the job done though

Worked with Peri-Up. very flexible again if you have all the Parts, Not as versatile with Swivel Brackets, and saddle dicks hot/cold or double connecting points. I had a good time with it in New York recently with Skanska, we shipped it all out finally. German design not bad.

Adam McDaniel said:

All Around by any name is the best....and I agree Safway steel plank style are the best over dog eared. Straddling the standard is way better than infills.....AT-Pac makes a good product. Has anyone tried Peri Rossette?? Is really great just need to make sure you have access to everything they make to make it work great.

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