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I thought I might start an argument about which type of modular scaffold is the best system on the market. While I like certain part about all of them, I do have a favorite. I have my reasons but I thought some of you might like to sound off about your favorite and why. If you cant post an intelligent reason as to why you have your favorite, keep your comments to your self. and away we go......

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my favorite type of scaffold is Patent's QES system. It is durable , its pin-lock system is far better than at-pac and it is lighter than cuplok.
Have not worked enough with Safeway or QES to actually say what I like best. I have worked a lot with Cuplock and agree it is heavy. I will say this though right now I am working with Excel and I would choose Cuplock over that any day.
Patent/Harsco QES by far! The stuff is light durable as can be and is hands down the quickest and most effecient boiler scaffold that can be built
If anybody has ever had to take out a section to fly-in a super heater pendant unexpectedly, then you can see why Cuplock has some distinct disadvantages unless you have a torch handy.  Unless things have changed, QES does not have a founding system.  Safway has the best and it uses imperial measurements with the GR at 42".
QES does have a founding system and it is actually better than a traditional ladder system especially if you have large dings in your v-bottom.
surelok or QES with safway style pans is best/fastest equipment around..Patent "steel" bites..Have to use more wood on the deck with 'em and inside edges wear your hands/gloves out faster. QES steel is that systems only badpoint, you can't straddle a leg with them steel!..Cuplock is slow/heavy..You constantly beat on it with your hammer..It's more difficult to get the elevation you want when hanging it..It belongs at the bottom of the list rite there with Quikstage..anyone remember/use that stuff?? box pans..angle iron headers. Safway system...lets get rid of those pins lol..hate when ppl stab and lock 'em but I'd use this system over cuplock if money wasn't an issue.
Just out of curosity, is Superscaf or QuikForm still around?  Or is Quick Stage and Quikform one and the same?  Didn't know that QES had a founding system.  Safways was or is the heaviest and those "frogs" weighed a ton.
Quikstage has the 4 "V" pressings on the leg..can only attach "spacers" at 90 degree angles..not sure I recognize quickForm or Superscaf.
Safway systems is the best I've worked with. Qes is by far to flimsy and junklok is heavy and you can only get 4 bars in a cup.

A couple of things not mentioned about Safway's system is the head clearance.  Give or take a couple of inches, you have 6'-9" of clearance.  That makes a difference working in the semi-darkness of a boiler.  One of the originators of the design especially liked the positive locking and the redundancy to be able to visually see that the ends were properly seated and fastened.  Other than hitting it as hard as you can there is no positive way to know that QES or similar system is locked in. It does make it a bear to disassemble.

i prefer safway over QES i dont care for QES pans they will flip out from under you if the dog ear is broke and the pins on QES pop out to easy for my liking...i will agree it is fast and sturdy but thats why its name is Quick Erect System....but all in all i really dont like safway when its caked in refrac i guess there is good and bad in it a scaff put it in front of me and ill put it together

All Around by any name is the best....and I agree Safway steel plank style are the best over dog eared. Straddling the standard is way better than infills.....AT-Pac makes a good product. Has anyone tried Peri Rossette?? Is really great just need to make sure you have access to everything they make to make it work great.

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