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This is a video from a site that is advertising this device for tying off while erecting walk thru frames. We don't do that much with frames any more but if any of you do I would highly recommend looking into this. Go to

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Comment by Scott Hensley on November 7, 2010 at 9:51am
In response to: "a great idea but do you think the scaffold companies are gonna really implement this into the field on a big job"...Hey Mr Meigh - if you have been doing scaffold erecting since 1986 like your Bio says then you can probably remember when we all said the same thing about Safety Harnesses and Lanyards. I remember when there was a time when they were optional. I have seen this product in use and there is no better way to stay tied off when doing top tier erection. I uploaded the new video that demonstrates its value much is awaiting approval on this site but you can check it out at The inventor spent tens of thousands of dollars to patent this device and I thought it was unfair for all of the non-thought out comments he was getting from "the peanut gallery" (not just here but many places) because of his lack of ability to demonstrate its usefulness in this original crude video so I came on board the project. This guy is a family man and a twenty five year veteran of the scaffolding industry...he's not Safeway, Tractel, Spider or some other Conglomerate. This man took a risk and unfortunately this video has to be seen by every Tom, Dick and Harry before the one or two people that need to see it actually see it. You are right about one thing...It is a Great Idea.
Comment by R. Alan Meigh on April 10, 2010 at 2:24pm
i agree it is a great idea but do you think the scaffold companies are gonna really implement this into the field on a big job...also loved the ground man somewhere about six to seven minutes into the video jumping up on the first lift with the lead erector.....notice the lack of PPE???.....might want to pass on the info to the company so that they at least change it for promotion of a safety product that they dont break the rules during the demonstration
Comment by Justin T. Wittwer on December 5, 2009 at 4:52pm
Ok so after I quit being a retard and watched the whole thing it also works for modular scaffold as well. AT the end it shows a Cuplok scaffold. I think it would be a good product for some commercial scaffold applications like the condos in the mountains and anywhere you have long run scaffolds with, my personal favorite, 100 % tie off conditions.



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