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Ladies in the Scaffold Universe must be an Urban Legend!

I guess being a female scaffold dog qualifies me as a 'scaffold B@*!h....And Im Ok w/ that! Scaffolding is the first thing Ive ever done that I truely love. Its an addiction. It surprised me to see that there are 6 other women members out of 129 actually. I hear stories about other women working E&D, but Ive not yet seen it. It would be nice to hear some peoples' ideas on working w/ women. Ive never had any issues personally w/ my crew or any site. My philosophy is that if you can hang w/ the big dogs, then that makes you a big dog too...even if you happen to be a cute little girl! Ive earned my keep! Itd be nice to meet some more people who know what this industry is like, and why I love it.

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Comment by matthew varnadoe on February 4, 2011 at 11:09am
Ive worked with alot of women scaffold builders around the country. Personally i have no problem with it. Most of the ones i have worked with are just as ''Ballsy'' as the men. i have even had a few female bosses. Not to mentin it dresses up the job site. ;-)
Comment by michael clifford on December 19, 2010 at 1:16pm

back in 2000  I had a woman partner, she was a little rough around the edges, no one wanted to work with her, so I had the pleasure. After she learned that she didnt have to build every scaffold by herself we got along just fine.She originally felt she had to be better than every guy on the site, so I made her work twice as hard, I understand how she felt, but its much easier not saving the world by yourself. Partners work together.

Comment by Justin T. Wittwer on December 7, 2010 at 6:57pm
I am all for female ScaffoldBuilders, if the guys can handle it. My experience is when one of you ladies show up, they guys all get an instant lobotomy and start picking up heavy stuff just to put it down again to see if they can impress you. I think that the more of you there are the less likely they are to keep up this behavior, so Women of the Scaffold world unite! If you want to do the work then bring it.



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