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Use this thread to post horror stories and other intresting tales form the road. Please keep these as job related stories. Keep the after hours activities posted elsewhere. Like your own Facebook page.


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About the Lincoln, NE picture I posted. I had a gig simmilar to this and I built the towers and left the site for another one. Another chap, who shall remain nameless, came in to rig the speakers that were being flown inside the bay. Well nearest we can tell the fella had had one too many that day before work (yes the rules are a little different in the entertainment industry) and he climbed all the way to the top only to faceplant inside the tower. That is a 30' free fall. After a trip to the hospital and many bumps and bruises he walked way with only bumps and bruises. Idiot is lucky he wasn't killed. Moral of the story. Alchol and scaffold still don't mix after all. Don't drink and fly!!! and you can quote me on that!
What I think Bill is trying to say is that he has been in North Dakota for a job that should have taken 2 days for over a wekk because the Salesman is an idiot and the customer read a book about scaffold one time so of course they knew more about scaffold than he did. While some kid was blowing the ink dry on his scaffold card and reading his new tape measure he was driving Billy nuts. That about sum it up?

william hall said:
okay was in center north dakota those ppl ther doesnt matter how good how fast they will do everything in there power to slow u down and talk shit about u when yr not looking i never seen an iron working do fiberglass before or even build scaffold but i guess they just use there roofers card

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