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In the intrest of keeping things interesting around here I would like to hear any recommendations you may have about tools. All sorts of tools: from levels to scaffold wrenches....skil saws to hand saw...cordless tools to corded tools. I know everyone has a favorite but I wonder if you can explain why.

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We have recently purchased a set of Milwauke Cordless Tools and they outperform the Dewalt tools. Go big red. /body>
I agree 100% Justin, just got a new tubelox and love the shit out off it!

Justin T. Wittwer said:
Everybody who knows me has been waiting for this one. I am a very firm believer in Tubelox wrenches from Harsco (Patent) they are expensive as hell but I have one that I have had for years. If maintained I am convinced they will last forever. Only thing I don't like about 'em is the price.....

Don't like the Snap On wrench because of the roller skate brake hammer part, but the are a very solid wrench that will stand up to what we can dish out. DO like the new ones that have the deep socket on them. Good idea if you are doing a lot of work with frame scaffold.

Justin T. Wittwer said:
Scaffold Wrenches -
Milwauke Cordless tools are the shiznike. The 18V kit has all of the same tools as the DeWalt and the batteries last longer and the tool cases seem more durable that the bumble bee DeWalts.

Justin T. Wittwer said:
Cordless Power Tools -

Most of us in Michigan are using the Trutool racheting podger.It wieghs less than half of a normal scaffold ratchet.Stiletto 15 hammers rule!!!!! There are at least 100 Scafffolders in Michigan using a Stiletto.It is worth the $$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!! Welders pay $250 for a good hood,electricians pay $300 + for the meters.Yet the cheap,tight wad Scaffolders mostly refuse to pay the money for a tool that is MILES beyond the traditional hammer.The advertising is correct we have tens of thousands of manhours with Silettos and they have proven themselves.The reduced shock is incredible,it is unreal,when it comes to striking a metal hammer against metal scaffold parts.

Chekpoint level

Does any one know where i can buy a safeway pry bar hammer i need one and Cant seem to find one
I keep my tubelox with a welded 7/8 open end on the handle

I actualy have a couple if you are interested in buying one. 


jeremy boord said:

Does any one know where i can buy a safeway pry bar hammer i need one and Cant seem to find one
Do you ever have any problems with anyone calling this a "modified tool"? We have ahd several incidents where they were not allowed on job sites because they are a modified tool. Let me know. 

Eric Davis said:
I keep my tubelox with a welded 7/8 open end on the handle

never allow the practice of some employers.....they turn their head and allow the scaffold erectors to use battery powered impact guns on tube and coupler.....           this should never be allowed

I have never actually heard of this. The thought did cross my mind but I used mine for some clamps on a stage I built and it didn't consistently tighten the clamps so I don't use it anymore. It didn't work very well. 

there are tons of guys that will tighens them up better..........i had one say his was better than the others cause it only goes up to 75 lbs      that is a death wish....


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