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I have purchased the 20' tower and trying to build it.  I will not do all at once, want to understand and be safe. 

I have many questions but I will start with this one:

I put together two Type S Mason Frames by connecting them with two Cross Braces.  Now, I have to connect the Diagonal Brace (Gooser) but I don't see any place other than the same spot where I have connected the Cross Braces.  Should I put on the same place?  In that case both will be supported with a little "pipe".  I tried it but and doesn't sit/fit in properly.


Thank you in advance.

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Hits us up at TxScaffold Builders on facebook and we will give you a hand at putting it together.
Thank you for replying, but I can not deal with FaceBook.

Mr. Porter. 

Put the horiz diag on the vertical posts, cross corners just above the horizontal member on the frame. I hope this makes sense. If not check Safway's site and look at their safety literature. I think they have a picture of how that goes together.


Thanks JW, it is a very good site, will read the information there often.  Yet, it didn't answer my question.

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