Stay Up, Stay Safe, Stay Connected

I have posted some jobs I found on the Internet as well as some that we posted by other members as well. I am hopefull that we can keep building that part of this as we progressively get better connected. Please let all of your employers know that we are here and have a growing membership daily.

I have added a "Q&A Time" tab to the site to add some feedback from you people to be presented in ways to yet be seen but still we can gather the information from the inside of the industry. There are some questions I have which I would really like your feedback on so check that out and aswer the questions in the surveys or drop me a line at

I am also due to pick up the "members only" shirts this week as well. I will be putting the into the store for purchase.

This is what I know from inside the industry this week and am looking forward to getting back to it tommrow.



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