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Greetings scaffold professionals! How has your year started? I hope everyone is working. I see a lot of openings for scaffold professionals out there. Hit up " and sign up for updates using the keyword scaffolding. you will get some listings for medical stuff since they have started using "scaffolding" as a method for mapping  something or other, but you will see scaffold jobs as well so check that out. 

We have new items in the store including new shirts and an easier way to get the sizes you want. We have also added some fall protection items that I picked up last year and forgot to list. they have been sitting safely inside my climate controlled garage for a year but there are some nice items. If you are big boned there are a couple of nice harnesses listed that would be really nice during the hot summer months. Check them out and place your order today. Supplies are limited...

Future rant topics to be digested and regurgitated are planned to be:

Safety Professional - When did this become a profession?

Non-Revenue vs Revenue Generating  - A lesson in economics

Start typing your angry e-mail now and address them to I am sure I will ruffle some feathers, but hopefully also make you think about what you role really is. 

Summer is here and it's time for me to get back out on the road so I can't say when I will get my rants written but I promise the next installment will be soon.  Thanks for being a member and remember you'll only go out of it what you put into it.



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