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My WTF entry for any person who is currently building scaffold - see pictures-UPDATED!


I took this pic from the ground "post repair". I'm not sure but it looks to me like it is leaning "slightly to the side like" What do you think?

Ok so I am strolling through the facility the other day and I come across this gem. Check out the use of the might beam clamp in this particular example. Then read on

So not only is the beam clamp free to slide down the channel, or up on the back side. This legs is unsupported for at least 5' as it is only connected to that one clamp until the first wrap of ledgers. Now for what that leg is actually holding up. 

This little gem is a 40' tall leg on a 10'x10' bay with a 3 board bracket at the first lfit and it goes up another 3 -10' legs on the post of the bracket.

And as this picture shows there is another 3 board bracket at the top of the leg, already built on a post of another 3 board bracket 30' below. Comments? Any one please? 

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Comment by Justin T. Wittwer on October 13, 2014 at 4:07pm
I dont think I'm where you think I am and this beaut is definitely not ours. I would kick my own ass if this tag had my name on it
Comment by Donna Stendel on October 13, 2014 at 3:49pm
Are you where I think you are? If so wtf did the forget how to build?



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