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Check this baby out! I was in a hotel in St. Joe, MO and walked out in the morning to find this gem. I looked for someone working on it but maybe they decided to go home and think about what they had done. Check out the super cool ratchet straps. Look at how close that sucker is to the edge! No locks on the casters,

slight aftermarket modification on the upper extension...not good.  I mean I known you gotta get up there, but you're gonna come down quick if you shift your weight the wrong way..... I waited as long as I could to talk to somebody about it, but no body showed up. 


Anyone else have any dodgy pictures of scaffolds they have seen? Please post them here so we can let anyone who stumbles across this site that this is not a good idea!!!



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Comment by Dave Glynn on November 9, 2011 at 4:17pm

LOL!  looks like a death trap on wheels! or could it be some new kind of skateboard????





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